Easy English water education

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This content has been developed in easy English for English as an additional language students to understand water.

The content aims to:

  • demonstrate that the water from our taps is safe to drink and use.
  • identify how we use water and why we need to use it efficiently.
  • inform and empower students with the knowledge of how to access water information, pay a bill or contact their water supplier.

Each unit contains course outlines, worksheets and handouts and has been designed for three language levels beginner, level 1 and level 2.

The resource is suitable for EAL framework and the Certificate in Spoken and Written English.

The resource concentrates on three main units:

Unit 1: How we use and save water

  • water and the world
  • what is water?
  • where does water come from?

Unit 2: How we use water efficiently

  • how we use water
  • water efficiency

Unit 3:  Your water utility

  • Paying your water bill
  • How to contact your water supplier

For more information or to discuss how to implement this curriculum into your classroom please contact our Education team on  9552 3231.

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