Melbourne Water Cycle

The Melbourne water cycle shows you what happens to water when it’s taken out of nature and into our homes. It shows you how South East Water sends clean fresh water to your home AND returns it to the environment clean after you’ve used it - so you can use it safely over and over again.
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The water that comes out of your taps at home comes from rain that is captured and stored in a huge reservoir. There are no houses, farms or roads near the reservoir so our water is kept nice and clean and tastes great!


To make sure the water comes out of your taps nice and fast it travels from the catchment reservoir to a storage reservoir closer to Melbourne and then to one of 67 storage tanks in our area.


We use water for lots of things every day.
A water meter at the front of your home measures
the water going into your home. Click on some of the items
in the house to see how much water they use.

Treatment Plant

Sewage leaves your home through drains or the toilet. It travels through pipes to the sewage treatment plant to be cleaned. Once the water is clean, it is recycled and delivered to some homes through purple pipes and taps for flushing toilets and watering the garden, or it is released out into the ocean to join into the natural water cycle.

And the cycle starts again

Once stormwater and the clean water from the treatment plant is returned to the sea, they will join back into the natural water cycle, the sun will shine and evaporate the water to build up rain clouds And what happens once it rains? Yes, the cycle starts all over again with rain filling the catchment areas which is the start of bringing water to your homes.
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