Wastewater factsheet

Year 7 to 10
Parents / guardians

Most people don't stop to think where the water goes once they have pulled the plug from a both or flushed the toilet.

The water that we let out of the bath, sink or shower, along with the water that is flushed down the toilet is called sewage. The majority of homes in Melbourne's south east are connected to a reticulated sewerage system that consists of a network of pipes and pumping stations that carry sewage to a sewage treatment plant.

In South East Water's service area we have eight wastewater treatment plants. 

The work that these plants do means that the water we use everyday can be recycled or safely released back into the environment.

Download the factsheet for more information about how wastewater is cleaned.

Victorian Curriculum

Years 7 - 8  Geography/Geographical Knowledge VCGGK106

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