Water learn it. live it.

Foundation, Year 1 & 2, Year 3 & 4, Year 5 & 6, Year 7 to 10
Parents / guardians

The Water Learn it. Live it resource allows students to explore water through various subject areas.

 The resource is suitable for Foundation to Year 10. The resource has been designed to be flexible in its use and allows educators the opportunity to pick and choose which activities will suit the needs of their students. From properties of water and catchments, to sewage treatment, recycling, health and hydration and responsible gardening, water is explored at a local, national and global level.

Volume 1: Water in the natural environment

Learn about water in its natural state, exploring topics such as:

  • properties of water
  • natural water cycle
  • Australian weather and the impacts on supply

Volume 2: Water in the urban environment

Investigates the journey water takes through the urban water cycle, including:

  • collecting water
  • the water journey
  • water industry

Volume 3: Water in the community

Learn about the ways we use, consume and value water by:

  • water meanings in different languages
  • water supply and efficient water use 
  • water for health and wellbeing

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Water kit

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Our kit includes books, jigsaw, posters, music CD and lots of water activities!