Tap versus bottled water

Did you know that bottled water is more expensive than milk, soft drink and even petrol?

In fact you can buy 1000 litres of South East Water tap water for the same cost of a 600ml bottle of water. A litre of water from the tap is less than a cent but buying a litre of water may cost you over two dollars. So how does that add up over a year if you drink two litres of water a day:

  • using tap water , you'll pay about $1.50 a year
  • bottle water from the shop you'll pay $2800 a year

Don't forget as well - tap also has the benefit of reducing the amount of plastic bottles that end up in landfill. In fact less than half of plastic water bottles are actually recycled with 60% going straight into tips*.

Here are some more facts that might get you thinking about the benefits of tap:

  • it can take up to 1000 years for a plastic bottle to break down in landfill (Clean Up Australia , 'Bottled Water, 2015)
  • it can up to three litres of water to produce 1 litre of bottled water (Pacific Institute, 'Bottled Water and Energy Fact Sheet, 2007)
  • plastic bottles are among the most common rubbish items picked up on Clean Up Australia Day (Clean Up Australia, 'Rubbish Report', 2014) .

Download the following poster to se how many teaspoons of sugar are in drinks which also get you thinking about the benefits of tap.

Sugar in drinks poster

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