Water Learn it. Live it – Curriculum

The Water-lili resource allows students to explore water through Science, English, Geography, Maths, Music and Art activities. It is jam packed with information and activities to appeal to students from Prep to Year 10.

Volume 1: Water in the natural environment

Learn about water in its natural state. This volume is broken into four sections: Properties of Water, Natural Water Cycle, Bodies of Water and Weather.

Volume 2: Water in the urban environment

Look at the journey water takes through the urban water cycle. This volume is broken into four sections: Collecting Water, The Water Journey, Water Coming and Going and Water Industry.

Volume 3: Water in the community

Find out about the ways we use, consume and value water. This volume is broken into five sections: Understanding Water Use, How We Use Water, Water Meanings, Water Supply and Efficient Water Use and Water for Health and Wellbeing.

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