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Use our three volumes of Water Learn It. Live It. resource for fun and interesting ways to explore Water in the World including:

  • Classification of environmental resources and the forms that water takes as a resource (VCGGK105)
  • Ways that flows of water connect places as they move through the environment and the ways this affects places (VCGGK106)
  • The quantity and variability of Australia’s water resources compared with those in other continents and how water balance can be used to explain these differences (VCGGK107)
  • Nature of water scarcity and the role of humans in creating and overcoming it, including studies drawn from Australia and West Asia and/or North Africa (VCGGK108)
  • The spiritual, economic, cultural and aesthetic value of water for people, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and peoples of the Asia region, that influence the significance of places (VCGGK109)

Volume 1: Water in the natural environment

Learn about water in its natural state including:

  • Properties of water
  • Natural water cycle
  • Bodies of water and weather.

Volume 2: Water in the urban environment

Look at the journey water takes through the urban water cycle including:

  • Collecting water
  • The water journey
  • Working in the water industry.

Volume 3: Water in the community

Find out about the ways we use, consume and value water including:

  • Understanding water use
  • How we use water
  • Water meanings
  • Water supply.
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